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Ruta and Vidas met almost three years ago at a friend’s in wedding photography Nottingham. They subsequently agreed to go for a walk together in a local country park and after that, they never looked back.

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I vividly remember the first time I met Vidas and the indelible impression he left on me. He looked so striking and composed as he strode confidently across the room to speak with me. He was clearly brimming with self-assurance but not in an arrogant or overbearing way. To this day, I find his quiet confidence both invigorating and inspiring. I love holding his hand and looking into his eyes. His gaze is so thoughtful and captivating. When he looks at me, it seems like he is penetrating the very depths of my soul and that he understands me completely. Vidas often asks me lots of questions but he isn’t intrusive. He just likes to show a genuine interest in me and I value that a lot.


Ruta looked so elegant that first night I saw her and her beautiful, gentle nature immediately put me at ease. I remember feeling so enraptured that I asked her out on a date the following weekend. Everything was idyllic on our first summer walk but what I remember above all was Ruta’s joy. The way she laughed in delight as her blond hair danced in the light breeze was both mesmerizing and enchanting. I was then totally smitten as she embraced me and placed her lips against mine. We have shared many intimate moments since then and each one is wondrous. They never grow old or boring. I particularly like those times when Ruta presses her nose against my cheek and whispers in my ear or where she leans back against my chest and I simply hold her. 

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