Shottle Hall wedding photography

Shottle Hall wedding photography


Shottle Hall Derby wedding

Rolling hills and sweeping countryside landscapes served as the backdrop for Daria and Ilya, las weekend on their Shottle Hall Derby Shottle Hall wedding photography. An amazing intimate gathering of guests found themselves deep in the British midlands. Heavy clouds hung in the sky and a crisp bite sharpened the air. But, with a group this close, everyone felt so perfectly at ease that, no matter what, spirits couldn’t be damped.

Getting ready st Shottle Hall

Daria shared her getting ready time with Oksana, a childhood friend from school. Her mother did her makeup. They had such a lovely moment together shearing travel and school time memories. I relish these moments alone with the bride and her closest friends. Seeing them relive the moments of their past that bound them, it reminds me that weddings are not just about the love between a couple.

I captured the portrait of Daria when her mum and Oksana left. Alone in a breathtaking Jesus Piero dress, its open back bordered by stunning floral lace. Daria applied a final touch of her favourite perfume and soaked in the isolation. But only for a moment. Her friends, family and future husband were waiting and she didn’t want to keep them.

Derbyshire intimate wedding photographer

There’s a great privilege that comes when you’re invited to photograph an intimate wedding. You’re not going there just to capture the highlights of the day that every ceremony has. Instead, you’re there to become a part of the party and fill your role in making the day complete. Thankfully Daria, Ilya and all of their guests made that adjustment impossible to fail at. Everyone was so welcoming, each with personal stories about the bride and groom that made me feel I had known them for years myself.

Wedding portraits Derby

After the ceremony, I got to photograph Dari and Ilya’s portraits in the gardens of the Kedlestoneston Hall. For a couple that just got married, they seemed perfectly at ease. No nerves, no frets, just two halves of a perfect piece that slot together so naturally. Their love blossomed with every step and passing walkers delighted at seeing their harmony. As soon after the portraits and the walk, we sat down for dinner and stories of Daria and Ilya continued. From childhood through to the last few days. They shared laughter and tears, and everyone got to share why Daria and Ilya mean so much to them.

I feel proud of sharing mine here. 


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Shottle Hall Derby wedding photographer




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