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Nottingham wedding photography

I truly believe that a really good engagement photoshoot is centred on, feelings, light and creating good moments together. It’s a perfect chance to make some unforgettable, timeless memories. Also, it’s a great opportunity to meet your wedding photographer before the big day. 

An engagement photoshoot gives couples a fantastic opportunity to build a good, honest relationship with the photographer. Couples can talk about how they met, how the proposal went and all of their hopes for their wedding day. This is vital, as it helps people feel more confident about their wedding and what the photos might be like. It lets you create honest, inspiring snaps of the wedding day itself.

Wedding photography Nottingham

As your photographer, I help you create authentic images consistently, make magic happen and make interactions between you look natural and unforced. In this way, you can create some wonderful memories together, in a relaxed atmosphere before the often hectic hustle and bustle of the wedding day itself.

The photoshoot featured in the gallery was done in London in early spring. Kat and Ash are also wedding photographers and they’re such a cool couple to photograph. They look perfectly at home in each other’s arms, their delight in each other is obvious. A few of the photos are black and white, feel timeless and would be wonderful in a photo album. In the black and white photos too, the emotion is easy to see, relaxed happiness evident in every frame. It was amazing to meet them and not only to photograph but just talk about photography and life in general.

Romantic and relaxed engagement photoshoot Nottinghamshire

Amazing spring scenery and the sunset light was perfect to create a truly romantic atmosphere. At the evening time of day when the sun hangs low in the sky the light is getting warm and soft. That’s why I adore that part of the day so much. I especially love a glorious shot of the couple’s silhouette against the setting sun. We all know, it just doesn’t get more romantic than that. The scenery and lighting combined have allowed me to take truly inspiring photos which manage to get the perfect mood across. A soft, diffused sunset light is more flattering and adds a warm glow. It allows also to pick out details and add texture and depth to the photographs.

Here are some of my favourite photographs from that evening. 



If you’re looking for someone to capture your magical wedding in the UK I would love to be the one to do it. I am Nottingham wedding photographer but I love to travel and I am available all over the UK.

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