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Let’s read Magda and Michal’s story.

Magda and Michal met nine years ago through Magda’s best friends.

For the first three years, they were just friends. They would (occasionally) bump into each other from time to time but they were (just) at very different stages in life. They found each other attractive but it just wasn’t the right time for them to enter into a relationship.

One day Michal asked Magda to pose for some photos he needed for his photography assignment at college.

That was the moment when they started to see each other differently. By the end of 2012, it was obvious that they were drawn to one another; they wanted to see each other all the time and they just couldn’t stop talking. 

Magda and Michal love story\UK Elopement engagement session


I met Magda (properly) for the first time when I invited her in front of my camera for a photography project I was doing. Only then did I have the chance to spend more time with her – we were able to talk without anyone else being around and I got to know her a lot better. I felt like there was this amazing chemistry between us; every minute we spent together made me feel incredible. Despite her young age, I was impressed by her maturity.

Besides that, I noticed she had some tremendous/outstanding qualities. She was affectionate and tender, modest and hardworking. I also realised that amidst the hectic business of everyday life, she would be smart and sensible. We will soon be celebrating our sixth anniversary together. Days pass but we never slow down, we age side by side and we grow ever closer. Sometimes it feels like we read each other’s mind as we seem to know what the other person wants before they say anything. I simply realise how very lucky I am to share my life with the most incredible lady I have ever met.

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What I fell in love with first and foremost was his sense of humour and his chivalry. He always treats people with a great deal of respect. He has a big heart and let’s not pretend he isn’t the most handsome man you’ve ever seen. I just loved stealing a glance at him. I began to realise that I would always pay more attention to the way I looked when I knew I would be seeing him. There is something about him that I knew I had never encountered anywhere else. There is a connection between us, a bond the likes of which you rarely find between two people.

When I reflect back on those early moments, I can see how much we’ve changed and the way that we’ve both grown up.  When I met him I was eighteen and he was twenty-one. The whole relationship has become more mature, we grow stronger with every failure and mistakes shape us rather than break us. And yet, the relationship still somehow feels the same, as though we’ve only just met. Despite the ups and the downs, neither of us would exchange what we have for anything else in the world.  We share our best moments together just before falling asleep when we lie down next to each other and often can’t stop laughing. 


I had an amazing time in Glencoe with Magda and Michal. The best thing about this adventure was that I had the best company ever as I went there with my friend Natalia. Natalia is a photographer as well so you can also check her blog post with beautiful images here.

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