Asylum Chapel wedding ceremony St Bart’s Brewery reception.

Asylum Chapel wedding ceremony |Reception at St Bart’s Brewery

Yasmina and David got married at an amazing Asylum Chapel and had their reception at the stylish St Bart’s brewery. It was an awesome event to be a part of. Asylum Chapel wedding ceremony was simply magical and the light that we had during the ceremony made it even more special.

The wedding day

Yasmina and David began their wedding celebrations with a wonderfully intimate service at the Asylum Chapel. Yasmina looked stunning in her immaculately tailored wedding dress, which dazzled onlookers as it sparkled in the sunlight. David looked dashing, clad in a smart black suit and a bold red tie. Yasmina also held a gorgeous selection of freshly assorted flowers, which left a beautiful fragrance in her wake. 

The quaint setting made for the perfect venue. The wonderfully ornate stain-glass windows impressively filtered the rays of sunlight so that they magnificently illuminated certain parts of the church, while more sheltered areas provided charming moments of secrecy under softly-lit candlelight. 

St Bart’s Brewery wedding reception

After the service, everyone made their way to St Bart’s brewery for the wedding reception. Both the bride and the groom gave outstanding and humorous speeches, which drew gasps from their captivated audience. Everyone was in good cheer. Yasmina and David danced together, swaying in perfect unison. The deep sound of the guitars and the electric lighting created an atmosphere, which ensured that festivities would last long into the night.

Finally, the couple withdrew and took to the streets of London to enjoy a peaceful, late-night walk. Yasmina seemed to light up the night in her white dress, which shone with an angelic aura as she sauntered down the road towards a bright future with her new and most handsome husband. 

Asylum Chapel ceremony with Bart’s Brewery reception

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